Our winner Tony Crocamo poses with emcee Luanne Sims.

Our winner Tony Crocamo poses with emcee Luanne Sims.

Tony Crocamo won our "Forgiven" Story Slam with his tale of throwing snowballs at cars as a kid. Tony won the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the 2018 Grand Slam, which takes place in November. Tony will be defending the title, as he won the Best Storyteller in Lancaster for 2017.

For some unknown reason, many of our "Forgiven" stories centered around our love of dogs. We also heard a story about leaving the Amish community and being shunned, and leaving a boyfriend in a rather sudden fashion. We listened to a beautiful story of working at a march while fasting, and having an out of body experience. We heard about a daughter's April Fool's prank that stunned a mother, and we listened to a story about an improper disposal of a deceased cat.

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Check out Tony's winning story below. To watch other stories told on the night, click on over to the Lancaster Story Slam YouTube Channel.