Come out to our April 24th Story Slam to celebrate the greatest days ever! The theme for our April event is "Best. Day. Ever." We start telling stories at 8pm, but most people arrive at Tellus360 early for drinks and food. Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What stories are we looking for?

We want to hear the twists and turns of a remarkable day in your life. Tell us about how you thought something was going to go wrong but instead it turned out to be awesome. We want to hear about the amazing road trip you took, or the moment when a surprise meeting changed your life. Perhaps your best day ever was meeting a celebrity, or getting married, or winning the lottery, or giving birth to your child, or telling your boss off and quitting your job! Maybe the day was memorable despite everything that went wrong! Reflect on the days that still make you grin and tell us your story.

Also - if you've wanted to tell a story but would like some guidance, check out our one night storytelling workshop on April 18th in the An Sibin Room at Tellus360. You need to sign up ahead of time to get the homework and we only have a few spots remaining. For details on the Storytelling Workshop, click HERE.

We'll see you on April 24th at 8pm for "Best. Day. Ever."