We're excited to announce that our March 27th Story Slam is themed "Forgiven!" Come on out to Tellus360, we start telling stories at 8pm, but people often arrive early for drinks and food. Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What type of stories fit the theme "Forgiven?"

We've all made mistakes or harmed people (either unintentionally or intentionally) or been harmed ourselves. Whether we've been cheated on by a lover, inappropriately been fired, or been maligned by false rumors, we have to overcome our initial rage and disappointment and find a way, at least in some cases, to forgive. Perhaps we have instigated inappropriate, unethical or even illegal acts but have found that the the victim has forgiven us. Of course, you may have been wronged and have determined the person's act is unforgivable, we want to hear that story also! 


If you have a story, see Carla at the foot of the stage once you arrive. Remember, we start telling stories at 8pm on Tuesday, March 27th at Tellus360! Click HERE for tickets.


If you've been thinking of telling a story onstage, but want some guidance first, check out our one-night Storytelling Workshop on April 18th! We'll cover storytelling basics such as story structure and creative language. We send videos to watch before the class, so register early by clicking HERE.