Emcee Meg Martin with winning storyteller Brian William Gish

Emcee Meg Martin with winning storyteller Brian William Gish

Congratulations to Brian William Gish, the winner of our "Old School" Story Slam! Brian told about how attending third grade with two broken arms led to a culinary treat. Brian won our prized pint glass and earned a slot in our Lancaster Story Slam GRAND SLAM, which will be held in November.

The competition was fierce tonight. We heard about how an allegedly evil kid saved a school girl, and how some pills led to an uncomfortably awkward moment with a college professor. We were entertained by an attempt at "old school" backpacking and how a young man learned to enjoy those of an older generation. We heard about life with a VW Vanagon, and a tale of trying to please a wife who really needed to pee, and seeing your accumulated points diminish. We heard about rifle enthusiasts and carnies, sunglasses and toilets, along with how to excite some Chinese tourists.

Thanks to Meg Martin for emceeing and our judges for judging. We appreciate everyone who came out tonight to cheer our storytellers on. It was a fun night!

Our next Story Slam is themed "Nightmares" and will be held on Tuesday, October 24th. Grab your tickets HERE.

You can watch Brian tell his story below. To watch other stories told on the night, click on over to the Lancaster Story Slam YouTube page.