Photo by Michelle Johnsen Photography

Photo by Michelle Johnsen Photography

Our next Story Slam takes place on Tuesday, October 24th and our theme is "Nightmares!" Join us for stories at Tellus360 starting at 8pm. This is our final regular season Story Slam of 2017, and we will discover who wins the final slot in the season's GRAND SLAM!

What type of stories fit into the theme of "Nightmares?"

We want to hear stories about the nightmares you dreamed and the nightmares you lived! Did someone scare you and give you frightening dreams? Did you live through a nightmare - perhaps a terrible job, a crazy boss, an abusive spouse or parent? What's a nightmare you endured and survived? Do you have a frightening Halloween story? Perhaps you worked in a morgue or at a funeral home. Prepare your Nightmares story!

Tickets for our October 24th Story Slam are available now by clicking HERE. If you want to tell a story, sign up at the foot of the stage once you arrive.

This is your last chance to win a spot in the 2017 GRAND SLAM! See you soon!