Jamie Beth and Bryan Caine pose with emcee Donna Talarico

Jamie Beth and Bryan Caine pose with emcee Donna Talarico

Congratulations to Jamie Beth and Bryan Caine, co-winners of our "Career Opportunities" Story Slam! Jamie Beth told about her tough time adjusting to first-time motherhood while teaching high school. Bryan Caine told the story of being the only white person in his workplace and the bond he and his co-workers shared. Both Jamie and Bryan won prized pint glasses and earned slots in our Grand Slam, which will take place in November.

We heard a wide variety of stories about workplace situations that were both inspiring and traumatic at times. Tony told about his unsuccessful attempt to unionize a newsroom. Joe talked about the inspiration he garnered from a West Chester University professor. Burton told how he came to be a successful painter. Meg talked about her passion for marketing and her current job search. We heard about being a radio deejay, a television producer, and a designer. Interesting stories all around.

Thanks to all our storytellers, the judges and the audience for coming out and telling stories. Thanks to our emcee Donna Talarico. If you want to learn more about Donna's 2016 HippoCamp Writing Conference, which takes place right in Lancaster August 12-14th, click HERE.

Our next Lancaster Story Slam will be August 23rd and the theme is "Panic Switch!" Order your tickets off our Tickets page!

You can watch the two winning stories below. To watch more stories, click over to the Lancaster Story Slam YouTube page.