Our July 26th Story Slam is themed "Career Opportunities!" We start telling stories at Tellus360 at 8pm, so order your tickets now and arrive early to get a pint and find the best seats.

What type of stories fit "Career Opportunities?"

We want to hear about the best job you had! We want to hear about the worst job you ever had! Tell us about the magic moment where you decided what your career would be. Tell us about the job you had when you were just working for beer money. How did you stumble into your career opportunity? We want to know about that mentor who helped you discover your potential. We want to hear about the asshole boss who broke your spirit. We want to hear about the best of times, and the worst of times! Career Opportunities!

Join us on July 26th at 8pm at Tellus360 for "Career Opportunities!" Order your tickets now for quick entry!

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