We're excited to start our 2016 Story Slam season with the theme of "Resolutions!" Join us at Tellus360 on Tuesday, January 26th, 8pm, for stories. What types of stories are we looking for?

We have all made Resolutions of some sort, whether when we begin the new year or start over at some point during our lives. Did you resolve to be a better person after a tragic break up? Did you resolve to find a new job or lose weight or try a new dating app? Did you make a resolution to move to a new country or to break out of your shell and make your life more adventurous? We want to hear stories about Resolutions that worked and Resolutions that failed!

Make a resolution to tell your story this year! Order your tickets for the January 26th "Resolutions" Story Slam by clicking HERE. Arrive at Tellus360 early for dinner and drinks and be ready for stories at 8pm!