We're thrilled to announce the themes and dates for the 2016 season of Lancaster Story Slam. This will be our second season of telling stories and we hope you will join us to either tell your story or cheer on the other storytellers. If you want to tell a story, buy a ticket, and then sign up with Carla once you arrive!

Our Story Slams will continue to take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Tellus360, which is located at 24 E. King St., Lancaster, PA. All events begin at 8pm. Tickets for the January 26th Story Slam - themed Resolutions - are on sale now. Order your tickets by clicking HERE!

January 26 - Resolutions

February 23 - Social Media

March 22 - Caught

April 26 - Respect

May 24 - Brush with Fame

June 28 - Foreign Soil

July 26 - Career Opportunities

August 23 - Panic Switch

September 27 - Chaos

October 25 - Trick or Treat

November 22 (Grand Slam 2016)