The 2018 Story Slam Season will take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Tellus360, which is located at 24 E. King St., Lancaster, PA. All events begin at 8pm. Tickets for each Story Slam go on sale the day after the previous month’s event and can be ordered by clicking on the link to the right or from our tickets page. 


January 23 - New Beginnings - WInner: Michael Evans

February 27 -  First Crush - Winners: Christian Carrion and Marcus Grimm

March 27  - Forgiven - Winner: Tony Crocamo

April 24 - Best. Day. Ever. - Winner: Bret Daniels

May 22 - Do Over - Winner: Kevin Reinmiller

June 26 - Father Knows Best - Winner: David Smith

July 24 - Fast Lane - Winner: Chris McDougall

August 28  - Beach Bum - Winner: Cliff Lewis

September 25 - Homecoming - Winner: Mandy Mastros

October 23 - Skeletons in the Closet Winner: Cynthia Angst

November 27 - Grand Slam: TBD