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Our September Story Slam themed, “Teach Your Children,” will be held on Tuesday, September 24th. It tends to be a packed house, so it’s a good idea to purchase your tickets in advance. Join us at  Zoetropolis; you can come early for dinner or drinks now that the restaurant is open. We start telling stories at 7 pm. Grab your tickets HERE!

What type of stories fit the theme of "Teach Your Children"?

We’re looking for stories about lessons learned. Lessons you think should be passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you remember a particularly poignant lesson you were taught as a child, or maybe a lesson you wish you would have learned.  Maybe you have a different way to spin our theme. We’re eager listeners for whatever lessons you have!

If you have a story, visit the information table when you arrive. Remember, we start telling stories at 7pm on Tuesday, September 24th at Zoetropolis (112 N Water Street). Click HERE for tickets.