Terri Shadle.jpg

Terri Shadle  was the winner of our “Curiosity” Story Slam. Terri told us how her curiosity about loons led her to her discovery that it’s a bad idea to piss them off. Her curiosity was satisfied, but not quite the way she’d hoped.

Our “Curiosity” Story Slam started off with a new story teller to our stage, Jasiel Ayala, who told us how his curiosity led him to a love of Pearl Jam. Meghan Turk told the story of how her curiosity led to an explosion of blood. Cari Ayala told us about a time when she let her curiosity take the lead and it led her straight up a cliff. 

Thanks to all our many talented storytellers, the judges, and everyone who came out to laugh, applaud, and be a part of our storytelling community. Big thanks to J.J. Sheffer who filled in for Carla tonight and our emcee, Donna Talarico-Beerman.

Our next Story Slam is themed "Warning Signs" and will be held on Tuesday, August 27th. Make sure to save the date and order your tickets online in advance!

Check out Terri’s winning story below. To watch other stories told on the night, click on over to the Lancaster Story Slam YouTube Channel.