Our Story Slam on June 26th is "Father Knows Best!" Tell your favorite Dad story or come out and listen to other people tell their remembrances of fathers, substitute fathers, and other mentors. Perhaps you want to get your dad tickets to the Story Slam and then surprise him by taking the stage and telling your story! For tickets, click HERE.

What type of stories do we want to hear?

Let's hear about your early memories of dad or your lack of memories of dad. How did your dad influence you either through genetics or through their passions in life or their mistakes in life. Did you get your love of reading, or sports, or fishing, or sense of ethics and responsibility from your own dad? Perhaps you had a surrogate father or were adopted and have a special relationship with a father figure. Maybe your grandfather was the dominant figure in your life or maybe you just became a father yourself and have first-hand thoughts on the trials and tribulations of raising your own children. We want to hear about rich dads, poor dads, good dads and struggling dads.

Come on out to Tellus360 on Tuesday, June 26th for our "Father Knows Best" Story Slam. for tickets, click HERE. We start telling stories at 8pm, but arrive early for the best seats, some food and drink.