Did you ever wish for a second chance? Have you ever taken a mulligan?

Our May 22nd Story Slam is themed "Do Over!" We start telling stories at 8pm at Tellus360, but most people arrive early to grab food and a pint, and to secure the best seats! You can order your tickets by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by "Do Over?"

We want to hear stories about second chances or lack of a second chance. Did you initially screw up your relationship with a lover, only to beg for another try? Did your first attempt at a work project fail spectacularly but you redeemed yourself on your second, third, or fourth attempt? Maybe your lack of a "Do Over" has filled you with regret. Have you been in trouble with the law and prayed that if exonerated you would clean up your life? Perhaps you have overcome an addiction or alcoholism? Beaten cancer? We all know the saying, If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Let's hear your story about "Do Over!"

Grab your tickets and we'll see you on May 22nd!