Celebrate Halloween on October 23rd with our “Skeletons in the Closet” Story Slam! We start telling stories at 8pm, but most people arrive early to get food and drink and secure the best seats. Come on out! Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by “Skeletons in the Closet?”

We want to hear your personal secret or your family foibles. Tell us something about your family’s embarrassing tradition or your ancestor’s arrest record. Perhaps you have a fetish or once were caught in a disreputable situation. Maybe you had to divulge your “skeleton” during a job interview or during a date or when you were bringing your significant other home to meet the family for the first time.

Join us on Tuesday, October 23rd for our “Skeletons in the Closet” Story Slam! This is your last chance to tell a story before our 2018 Grand Slam! Grab your tickets by clicking HERE!