Our fourth season of Lancaster Story Slam unfolds on Tuesday, January 23rd with the theme of "New Beginnings!" Come on out to Tellus360 to tell a story or to cheer on those brave enough to take the stage! Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by New Beginnings?

We're looking for stories about those transitional times in your life. Maybe you moved to a new city, or transformed yourself when you started college. Perhaps you hit rock bottom with an addiction and forced yourself to break away from old friends and bad habits. January is the perfect time to reflect back on new beginnings and to plan upcoming life transitions. Maybe you left your job to create your own thing, or walked away from a troubled marriage/relationship to start fresh. Tell us about your New Beginnings!

If you want to tell a story, sign up at the foot of the stage upon arrival. We start hearing stories at 8pm on January 23rd, but most people arrive early for drinks and food. We hope to see you at our "New Beginnings" Story Slam!