Get your taxes done and come out to hear stories about "Money!" Our next Story Slam is Tuesday, April 25th at Tellus360 and "Money" is the theme. Grab your tickets HERE. What types of stories are we looking for?

We want to hear about all aspects of money; your lack of money, your pursuit of money, your unexpected windfall. What has your experience with money been? Did you grow up in poverty or grow up privileged? Did you ever find a ton of cash? Have you been homeless? Did you win the lottery and find your financial struggles were only beginning? Money is both a blessing and a curse. Families fight over money. Greedy people embezzle money. Has someone influenced your view of money in an unusual way? We live in a capitalist society, and people often obsess over money, but what is your life balance?

Grab your tickets for Tuesday, April 25th by clicking HERE. If you want to tell a story on the night, sign up and we'll drop your name in the hat. We hope to see you there. Remember - we start telling stories at 8pm, so arrive early for grub and a pint.