Have you ever confronted a beast?

We want to hear your story at our "Man vs. Beast" Story Slam on Tuesday, March 28th at Tellus360 in downtown Lancaster, PA.  We start hearing stories at 8pm, but arrive early for the best seats and to grab dinner and/or a pint at the bar. Reserve your tickets by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by "Man vs. Beast?"

We're looking for stories about all types of beasts! Perhaps your beast is training an unruly pet, or encountering some type of animal in the woods while camping. Perhaps your "beast" was an a**hole boss or a competitor in the wrestling ring. Maybe you've struggled with a family secret or a hereditary issue that has cast a "beast-like" shadow over your life. Your beast could be an animal, a person, a disease, a situation, or a relationship which has burdened you down. Beasts can take many forms, but they often play tricks on one's mind, and sometimes in the end, you realize the "beast" was merely an illusion.

We hope to see you on Tuesday, March 28th for our "Man vs. Beast" Story Slam at tellus360! Order your tickets by clicking HERE.