It's February, do you feel the love?

Our February 28th Story Slam is themed "Love and Hate!" Join us at Tellus360 for our second Story Slam of the season. We start telling stories at 8pm, but arrive early to grabe some food and a pint - and to secure the best seats! Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What type of stories fit "Love and Hate?"

We are open to stories about love, and stories about hate, and stories about your love/hate relationships. We love certain people but at times we may hate them also, it's okay to admit it. Perhaps your story is a about a difficult relationship with a parent, or a former lover. Maybe you found yourself in a loveless marriage and are piecing together what went wrong. Some people find love after leaving a hateful situation. We aren't just talking about romantic love, but we want to hear stories about platonic love/hate, parental love/hate. Did you hate your life and move cross-country to find yourself? Did you realize you were looking for love in all the wrong places? There are so many ways to take this theme!

If you have a story, sign up when you arrive and we'll drop your name in the hat. If you don't have a story, you should still come out just to listen! Save the date - Tuesday, February 28th at 8pm at Tellus360!