Our 2017 Lancaster Story Slam season starts on January 24th with the theme of "Small World!" Our Story Slam season will be held at Tellus360 in downtown Lancaster. We start telling stories at 8pm, but arrive early to get a pint and secure the best seats!

What type of stories fit the "Small World" theme?

Have you been in dire straits only to find out the person you were dealing with has an unlikely connection? Have you been trapped inside the Disney's "Small World" ride? Have you been lost only to run into a neighbor on the other side of the world? Steven Wright joked "It's a Small World but I wouldn't want to paint it." Technology increasingly makes the world a smaller place, such as that moment when you realize your new friend has a Facebook connection to your ex. Tell us your story about living in a Small World!

If you would like to tell a story, sign up with Carla when you arrive. She'll be at the foot of the stage with release forms. The winner will go home with one of our prized pint glasses and earns a slot in the 2017 Lancaster Story Slam GRAND SLAM, which will take place in November.

We hope to see you on Tuesday, January 24th, 8pm, at Tellus360! Order your tickets by clicking HERE!