Our May 24th Story Slam is themed "Brush with Fame!" We start hearing stories promptly at 8pm at Tellus360, so arrive early to get a pint and a good seat. Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

What stories are we looking for with "Brush with Fame?"

We want to hear about your most famous moment or when you had an interesting incident with someone famous. Perhaps you achieved a bit of notoriety after something went wrong - maybe you were featured in the newspaper or on the local news. Did you have "fifteen minutes of fame" for something you accidentally did? Were you rewarded with meeting someone famous? Maybe you happened to spot a celebrity doing something rather silly or had a rather awkward run-in with a celebrity. Tell us about your Brush with Fame - whether it was drinking with a movie star, getting stoned with rock star, dining with a famous author, etc. or tell us about what led to that moment in your life where you were the rock star!

Join us at Tellus360 for "Brush with Fame" on May 24th at 8pm!

Here is a story from Kyle Hudson about his celebrity sighting.