Lancaster Story Slam has a busy winter season! Our regular February Story Slam is closely followed by two other fun events. Consider joining us for our Storytelling Workshop or the once-a-year Late Night Story Slam. Learn more about all three of our upcoming events!


Our February 23rd Story Slam is themed "Social Media!" We want to hear stories about how your fifth grade nemesis friended you on Facebook or your old boss was outed on LinkedIn. We want to know about how you arranged to meet your Twitter crush or were "ghosted" or "catfished." What happened when your mother friended you on Facebook?

Our "Social Media" Story Slam will be Tuesday, February 23rd at Tellus360. We start hearing stories at 8pm. If you have a story, read our rules page and then sign up upon arrival. Order your tickets for the February 23rd Story Slam by clicking HERE.



Our Storytelling Workshop returns to Lancaster for one night on March 1st. Join us at Tellus360 for a two-hour class that will help you develop your stories. We'll run through exercises to help you think about what makes a good story, story structure, and creative language. Participants need to register to receive videos of three stories to watch before the night of class. To register for the March 1 Storytelling Workshop, click HERE.



At the Late Night Story Slam, we want to hear raucous stories – the stories you don't want recorded for YouTube or podcast. You know, those stories you don’t want your kids to hear. The stories you don’t want your mom to hear. The winner of Late Night Story Slam does not earn a slot in the Grand Slam but will win a special prize. What happens at Late Night stays Late Night! The theme for March 10th is "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll!" Need we say more? Tell us about your high point or your low point. We want to know about the best/worst night of partying you ever had, your sexual escapades, or the time you quit your job to follow Phish or the Grateful Dead. Stories don't need to contain sex, drugs AND rock 'n roll but can contain any one, two or three of the three elements.

Theme: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

Thursday, March 10th at 10pm at Tellus360.

For tickets to Late Night Story Slam, click HERE.