IMG_7429Our final Story Slam of the 2015 season is taking place on Tuesday, October 27th and the theme is "Scared to Death!" We want to hear stories about when you were frightened beyond belief. Maybe you found yourself in a situation where you thought you might be about to lose your life. Did you ever get lost in the woods and have to spend the night alone? Have you been held up at gun point? Have you been sent to jail? Did you once see a ghost? Were you in a car wreck and left for dead in a ditch? Did you have a loved one go missing for sometime? Maybe you were punked with a scary story around the campfire. Did your big brothers tease you? Are you afraid of snakes? Rats? Heights? Public speaking? Have you been lost at sea? Tell us your worst fear and a time you were "Scared to Death!"

The October Story Slam will determine who wins the final slot in our November Grand Slam, and the Grand Slam will determine the Best Storyteller in Lancaster!

Our "Scared to Death" Story Slam is taking place at Tellus360 on Tuesday, October 27th at 8pm. Arrive early for a beer and to register if you want to tell your story. Listeners also wanted. Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

Want some inspiration? Here's a story by Bill Kilpatrick about a time he was "Scared to Death."