What's the angriest you have ever been? How did that work out for you? 39-IMG_3109Our July 28th Story Slam is themed "Boiling Point!" We're looking for stories about unsettling anger and anguish. We want to hear about people stewing over small things. Have you ever been involved in a road rage incident? Have you had to take anger management lessons? Sometimes a practical joke can lead to angry moments if you catch someone at the wrong moment. Did anger get the best of you and you did something you now regret? Maybe you have seen a loved one express anger in a dangerous and threatening way and realized you needed to find out of a situation. We all express anger in different ways - some suppress it while other spew obscenities. Have you met someone who taught you how to manage your anger? Did you ever quit a job in haste or walk out of a relationship and not look back? Looking back, do you consider that action the right decision?

30-IMG_3204Of course, your boiling point story could be about heating up a pot of water, or steaming a live lobster, or sitting in a hot tub, or scalding oneself. Come on out and tell your Boiling Point story at Tellus360 on Tuesday, July 28th. The Story Slam starts at 8pm. If you want to tell a story, sign up when you arrive. Pick up your tickets by clicking HERE.