IMG_6948Congratulations to Liz Yocom, the winner of our "It's My Job" Story Slam. Liz explained the difference between her job and her passion. She took home the prized pint glass and earned a spot in our Grand Slam. The night was full of strong stories on the subject of work and career. We heard about taking a job as a fireman to escape a roommate, almost taking a job feeding 52 monkeys to escape the Vietnam War, throwing up on the side of a highway and how lifeguard duty included cleaning doody. We heard about the joys and sorrows of teaching, steeling oneself after a case of sexual harassment, cleaning out foreclosed homes, and one raucous work prank which ended badly. We also learned why you should never steal from the pizza delivery person who has just delivered to your house.

Thanks to everyone who told a story, our judges, our emcee Luanne Sims, and the wonderful folks at Tellus360. We will post videos of the stories on Wednesday, so check back soon. In the meantime, check out this slideshow of photos - and don't forget to pick up tickets for our July 28th Story Slam, themed "Boiling Point!"

Here's Liz's winning Story below (and a slideshow below that!) To watch videos of other stories, click on over to our Lancaster Story Slam YouTube channel.