34-IMG_2096Call your friends and start spreading some Good Vibrations! Our next Lancaster Story Slam hits Tellus360 on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm. You can order your tickets by clicking HERE. To one generation, Good Vibrations recalls the Beach Boys song. To another generation, this stirs up thoughts of Marky Mark! But really, Good Vibrations is a broad theme – which means we know you have a story to tell! Here’s some thoughts on this months’ theme.

04-IMG_1841We give off our own vibrations every day – sometimes they are good vibrations and sometimes not. Have you ever given off such good vibrations that you inspired someone to do something amazing? Perhaps your good vibes inspired someone and they fell on their face. Every interaction gives off some type of vibe. Have you ever met someone and knew instantly they would become a lifelong friend? Sometimes, we get a good vibe when we are interviewing for a new job. Good vibrations can most definitely be sexual, but sometimes they are about friendship – such as a bromance.

13-IMG_1881But wait, there’s more! There are physical vibrations such as those from an earthquake, a spewing volcano, a highway overpass. Perhaps you’ve felt a tremor under your feet. Music performed on a piano or guitar is in essence caused by a good vibration – as long as you play the right chords. Good Vibrations could be had on one of those beds you feed quarters into in a cheap motel, or while riding a motorcycle, a roller coaster, or some other type of amusement ride.

So think music, think love, think friendship. Think about the positive aura that you have put out and the aura you have felt from others, and plan your story to share your Good Vibrations!

Come out early to Tellus360 and enjoy dinner and drinks before the show. If you are interested in telling a story, sign up when you arrive. Remember, the Story Slam starts at 8pm. Order your tickets HERE.