IMG_4117The Lancaster Story Slam debuts on Wednesday, January 28th with the theme of "Embarrassing Moments!" Our Story Slams are being held at Tellus360, right in the heart of Lancaster. Advance tickets can be ordered for HERE. The Story Slam starts at 8pm! If you have a story to tell, sign up upon arrival. We'll draw ten names out of a hat and each storyteller takes the stage and tells their story. Stories should be true as you remember it and approximately five minutes long. Our three judges will choose a winning storyteller, who is awarded a slot in the year end Grand Slam where they will compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Lancaster. Check out the rules page for more info.

Of course, listeners are also wanted! If you have not attended a Story Slam, be prepared to be surprised  and inspired. One story may be hilarious, only to be followed by a story that is touching, breathtaking, or even heartbreaking. We never know what a storyteller will say when they take the mic, and that is part of the fun.

Advance tickets are $6 and available HERE. Tickets at the door are $8. We hope to see you there!