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Our "Good Vibrations" Story Slam is March 24!

34-IMG_2096Call your friends and start spreading some Good Vibrations! Our next Lancaster Story Slam hits Tellus360 on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm. You can order your tickets by clicking HERE. To one generation, Good Vibrations recalls the Beach Boys song. To another generation, this stirs up thoughts of Marky Mark! But really, Good Vibrations is a broad theme – which means we know you have a story to tell! Here’s some thoughts on this months’ theme.

04-IMG_1841We give off our own vibrations every day – sometimes they are good vibrations and sometimes not. Have you ever given off such good vibrations that you inspired someone to do something amazing? Perhaps your good vibes inspired someone and they fell on their face. Every interaction gives off some type of vibe. Have you ever met someone and knew instantly they would become a lifelong friend? Sometimes, we get a good vibe when we are interviewing for a new job. Good vibrations can most definitely be sexual, but sometimes they are about friendship – such as a bromance.

13-IMG_1881But wait, there’s more! There are physical vibrations such as those from an earthquake, a spewing volcano, a highway overpass. Perhaps you’ve felt a tremor under your feet. Music performed on a piano or guitar is in essence caused by a good vibration – as long as you play the right chords. Good Vibrations could be had on one of those beds you feed quarters into in a cheap motel, or while riding a motorcycle, a roller coaster, or some other type of amusement ride.

So think music, think love, think friendship. Think about the positive aura that you have put out and the aura you have felt from others, and plan your story to share your Good Vibrations!

Come out early to Tellus360 and enjoy dinner and drinks before the show. If you are interested in telling a story, sign up when you arrive. Remember, the Story Slam starts at 8pm. Order your tickets HERE.

Joanne Rafferty Wins our Guilty Pleasures Story Slam!

Joanne Rafferty won our Story Slam with her tale of how a Guilty Pleasure led to a rather embarrassing altercation with another YMCA member. Joanne won a prized pint glass and has earned a slot in our Grand Slam this coming November, when she'll have a chance to compete with other winning storytellers for the title of Best Storyteller in Lancaster.

We heard fun stories on a range of "guilty pleasures," a few of which included: smoking marijuana, going through people's personal belongings, eating a box of Krispy Kremes, enjoying a cup of tea, watching a bat crawl up a shirt, watching reality television, eating brownie batter, and lying.

Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, March 24 and the theme is "Good Vibrations." Order your tickets HERE.

Thanks to Michelle Johnsen for the photos in the slideshow above. Check out her work at Michelle Johnsen Photography.

Here's Joanne's winning story below! To check out the other stories told on the night, check out our YouTube Channel.




Our February 24 Slam is Guilty Pleasures!

IMG_5164What is your Guilty Pleasure? Come out to tell your Guilty Pleasure story at our second Lancaster Story Slam which will be held Tuesday, February 24 at 8pm at Tellus360. Buy your tickets here! What is your guilty pleasure? Barry Manilow, Real Housewives, Easy Cheese, Bubble Baths, Re-gifting, Boy Bands, or Hello Kitty? All possible subjects for stories you could share at our next Lancaster Story Slam!

Wikipedia defines guilty pleasure as "...something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, such as campy styles of entertainment. Fashion, video games, music, theatre, television series, films, junk food and fetishes can be examples of guilty pleasures."

We suggest that you buy your Lancaster Story Slam tickets in advance so you don't have to wait in line at the door. If you'd like to tell a story just sign a release form, and maybe your name will be drawn to tell one of the 10 stories of the night!

We hope to see you at Tellus360 on the 24th!

My guilty pleasure? Potato chips with onion dip. Yummy, but oh so unhealthy!

Looking for inspiration? Check out our friend Diane Bizzaro's guilty pleasure story from the Delco Story Slam.

Matt Kabik wins our "Embarrasing Moments" Story Slam

IMG_5209Matt Kabik won our debut Story Slam tonight with an excellent story of how he found himself in a rather embarrassing situation. The theme of the night was "Embarrassing Moments!" Matt won a prized pint glass and has earned a slot in our November Grand Slam. In the Grand Slam, the ten winning storytellers will compete for the title of "Best Storyteller in Lancaster." Matt was originally tied with two other awesome storytellers, so the producers called up the judges, announced the names of the three tied storytellers, and asked the judges to privately convene and declare the winning story.

We heard some hilarious and truly embarrassing stories on the night, so we want to really thank all our storytellers for being brave at the microphone. We heard several stories about defecation - in a new boyfriend's bed, in a campground, and a kitty litter box. There were stories about lottery winnings, urination, and foreign countries. We heard a story about poison ivy covered testicles, and a story about a hook up that ended awkwardly.

Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, February 24th and the theme is "Guilty Pleasures!" You can order your tickets by clicking HERE.

Check out video of Matt's winning story and our slideshow below, and then click on over to the Lancaster StorySlam YouTube Channel to view all the stories told on the night.

Listen to "Embarrassing Moments" on January 28th!

DSC_0067What's your most embarrassing story ever? Would you tell it live on stage?

Join us this Wednesday, January 28th, at 8 p.m., for the debut of Lancaster Story Slam, and listen to brave storytellers telling their most "Embarrassing Moments!" The 2015 season of Lancaster Story Slam is being held at Tellus360. Advance tickets can be ordered HERE.

IMG_4117If you have an "Embarrassing Moments" story to share, sign up upon arrival. We’ll draw names out of a hat and each storyteller will take to the stage and tell their Embarrassing Moments story. Stories should be true as you remember it and approximately five minutes long. You can read more on our rules page. Three judges chosen from the audience will determine our winner, and this storyteller will win a prized pint glass and a slot in the Grand Slam!

Of course, listeners are also wanted! If you have not attended a Story Slam, be prepared to be surprised and inspired. We hope to see you Wednesday night!

To whet your appetite, you can watch one of our favorite Story Slam stories. Steve recently told this funny story of an awkward first kiss.

Why I'm Excited to Produce Lancaster Story Slam

Carla laughing at Steve Clark's story Maybe you’ve seen our Facebook posts or tweets.  We are just a few weeks away from launching Lancaster Story Slam.  I wanted to write a post to explain why I’m excited to bring this artform to Lancaster.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carla Wilson. My husband David and I just moved to Lancaster. For me, it was a return to Lancaster County. I graduated from Elizabethtown High School, then Lebanon Valley College. At LVC, David and I were music majors and studied Sound Recording Technology. Our home is a myriad of instruments and audio and video equipment that we use in our business.

We own Wilson Media Services and I am an internet marketing consultant.  I help my entrepreneur clients understand, create and implement their internet marketing - including how to produce and use audio and video in their marketing efforts. I specialize in producing several podcasts and vidcasts, including two that I co-host.

A few years ago when we were living in Chester County I met Jim Breslin at a networking event. He invited me to a monthly event that he produces called West Chester Story Slam where anyone can get on stage and tell a five minute story that fits the theme of the night.  I was intrigued so I started attending in the fall of 2012. I immediately fell in love with the event. I don’t consider myself a good storyteller and am in awe of folks that can stand behind a mic in front of an audience and tell amazing stories.

I’ll break away from my introduction briefly here to explain exactly what a Story Slam is.  At Story Slam there is a monthly theme. Anyone can sign up to take to the mic and tell a 5 minute story fitting the theme. The story should be as true as you remember it. No notes, no music and no props are allowed. Judges in the audience rate each storyteller on content and presentation. The night’s winner gets a coveted Lancaster Story Slam pint glass, and a slot at the Grand Slam held in November where they will compete with 9 other winning storytellers. Some stories will make you cry because you’re laughing so hard, while others make you cry because they’re so serious.

In 2014 my husband and I decided to move to Lancaster so he would have a shorter commute to work. I knew Jim had an interest in expanding Story Slam to Lancaster so I approached him offering assistance in locating a venue.  In producing the West Chester Story Slam and the DelCo Story Slam, Jim knew he wouldn’t have time to produce a third monthly event, so I offered to be the event producer for Lancaster Story Slam (with tutelage from Jim, of course).

As a business owner, I know the importance of telling a good story.  Story helps you connect and build rapport with your audience. I feel I have a difficult time in telling a succinct story so I take a lot of inspiration from the 10 or so folks that tell a story each month.  I know my storytelling and writing skills are improving from attending the West Chester Story Slam.  I also feel a sense of community by attending Story Slam. I have new friends that I’ve met because of Story Slam and I wanted to bring that sense of connection and friendship to Lancaster.

When we approached the folks at Tellus360 about the need for a venue for our event, they were immediately interested in providing the space. We are so pleased to host Lancaster Story Slam at a venue in the heart of Lancaster City.

Won’t you please join us?  Tickets are on sale now for our January 28 event where the theme will be Embarrassing Moments. We’d love to hear story!  You might also be interested in joining our newsletter list to stay up-to-date on our 2015 events.

"Embarrassing Moments" Story Slam is January 28th!

"Embarrassing Moments" Story Slam is January 28th!


IMG_4117The Lancaster Story Slam debuts on Wednesday, January 28th with the theme of "Embarrassing Moments!" Our Story Slams are being held at Tellus360, right in the heart of Lancaster. Advance tickets can be ordered for HERE. The Story Slam starts at 8pm! If you have a story to tell, sign up upon arrival. We'll draw ten names out of a hat and each storyteller takes the stage and tells their story. Stories should be true as you remember it and approximately five minutes long. Our three judges will choose a winning storyteller, who is awarded a slot in the year end Grand Slam where they will compete for the title of Best Storyteller in Lancaster. Check out the rules page for more info.

Of course, listeners are also wanted! If you have not attended a Story Slam, be prepared to be surprised  and inspired. One story may be hilarious, only to be followed by a story that is touching, breathtaking, or even heartbreaking. We never know what a storyteller will say when they take the mic, and that is part of the fun.

Advance tickets are $6 and available HERE. Tickets at the door are $8. We hope to see you there!

What is Story Slam?

IMG_5703A Story Slam is an event where anyone can take the stage and tell a story! The story should be loosely based on the theme of the night, be approximately five minutes long, and be true as you remember it! Three judges are chosen from the audience and each storyteller is given scores based on content and presentation. We don't take the competition part too seriously, it's all about sharing diverse stories. Story Slams are held all over the world, mainly in cities such as New York, London, Brisbane, Philadelphia, Scranton, Baltimore, Washington DC, and even West Chester, PA. Now Story Slam is coming to Lancaster, PA!

Here are some of our favorite stories:

Terry Heyman's Sweet Sixteen story, told at West Chester Story Slam in 2012.

Eli Silberman's Release the Condor story, told at West Chester Story Slam in 2011.

Karen Randall's Lettuce Sandwich story, told at the West Chester Story Slam Grand Slam in 2013.

Steve's story about an Awkward Kiss, told at the West Chester Story Slam Grand Slam in 2014.

What's Your Story?

cropped-copy-cropped-dsc_00991.jpg We're working on bringing Story Slams to Lancaster starting in January, 2015! From the people who brought you the West Chester Story Slam and the Delco Story Slam, we're moving westward. If you would like to be a volunteer, please email or